John Cioffredi

A former Division 1 athlete with a degree in Exercise and Movement Science, John is a compassionate professional who excels in helping people achieve their fitness goals.

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John Cioffredi

John Cioffredi

Founder of Community Strength Austin

A former Division 1 athlete with a degree in Exercise and Movement Science, John is a compassionate professional who excels in helping people achieve their fitness goals. He specializes in weight loss, increasing lean muscle mass, health and longevity, and athletic performance. John is passionate about creating community wherever he goes, and leads the Community Happy Hour Workouts on Wednesday nights. Outside of the gym, John loves to go hiking, play guitar, and dial in his Italian biscotti recipe.

John’s personal philosophy:

I believe everyone is capable of achieving their fitness goals, whatever they may be. What’s important is finding someone who’s able to give you the tools you need to make lasting changes in your life. My goal is to empower my clients so that when they leave Community Strength Austin they have all of the tools necessary to continue to live a happy and healthy lifestyle on their own, and to create a Community so positive that they never want to leave.

What separates Me from the other trainers in Austin.

I also believe in borrowing from many different training styles, from pilates, to powerlifting, to kettlebell training, to yoga, I love drawing on different disciplines to create a personalized program that will yield amazing results. Additionally, I’m constantly seeking out new research to inform my training philosophies, and collaborating with different health care professionals to ensure we are taking a holistic approach to your training.

What’s My personal fitness story.

I’ve always loved sports, and growing up I played as many as possible, football, soccer, basketball, baseball, lacrosse, you name it I played it, but the one that I truly fell in love with was track and field. I became a 10x state champion and was named the Gatorade Track and Field athlete of the year for New Hampshire. I went on to compete at both the University of Vermont and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, mainly as a high jumper.

 While in college I completed an internship with the strength and conditioning department University of Wisconsin-Madison, working with world class athletes, some of whom recently competed in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. 

After moving back east, I started a non-profit called Community Strength, where I taught high school students the fundamentals of strength and fitness and then mentored them as they designed and led group fitness classes for low income individuals who would otherwise not have been able to afford the exercise they needed.

 When Covid made it difficult to continue with the non-profit I moved to Austin and started working at a personal training studio in the Zilker area. I loved working with clients with different goals, and soon became specialized in working with clients who were seeking to lose weight, build muscle, improve their health, or enhance their athletic performance.

 After realizing that I wasn’t able to help people achieve their health and fitness goals with exercise alone, I became a Certified Nutrition Specialist and integrated suggested macros and meal plans with habit coaching to take a more holistic approach to health and wellness. I noticed there was a real desire in the Austin area for a personal training studio that could provide excellent training with optimal nutrition coaching, and decided to open Community Strength Austin as a result!

Why is Community so important to Me.

Community has always been a cornerstone in my life. I grew up in a big Italian American family and had a small group of close friends through high school and college. These relationships instilled in me the importance of Community, of feeling like you truly belong in a place, that your thoughts, feelings, and opinions matter. 

That you matter. After reviving the Italian Club at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I got a taste for what it’s like to facilitate these relationships, and to have a hand in creating Community. It was the most fulfilling thing I’d done in my life up until that point, and after moving back east after college I started the non-profit Community Strength, to help spread that feeling of belonging with others through exercise. Since moving to Austin two years ago I’d met many people, and made many friends, but I’d also felt a void in my own life, and realized that it was a lack of creating Community. I decided that I wanted to continue my journey of creating Community through health and wellness, and thus, Community Strength Austin was born.

 In a day and age where the former surgeon general has declared loneliness an Epidemic and research has shown that it has similar effects on our health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, it’s important that we create spaces where Community can flourish, and make time to create meaningful connections with one another. Community Strength Austin seeks to do just that through bi-weekly Community Training workouts, where people come for a workout and stay for the conversation. The Community Training workouts are the highlight of my week. I’ve made many friends leading these workouts, and am happy to say that many people have created meaningful friendships through these events. Even if you decide not to train at Community Strength Austin, please reach out, I would love to connect.

What do I do outside of health and fitness?

I love most sports and anything outdoors! Trail running, mountain biking, climbing, pick up basketball, a tasteful game of bocce, I love it all. When I finally get tuckered I love to unwind by playing guitar, practicing my Italian, perfecting my Carbonara recipe, or grabbing a drink with some friends at a local brewery!

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